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Xử lý và gói giấy cuộn

The handling and wrapping of the paper rolls is a very important part of the paper roll after before storage and transportation. It involves the sorting device from rolling down from the winder, conveying, turning, upending, wrapping, etc. We are one of the most important suppliers such solution. We have a deep understanding of the high requirements of the paper industry for the operation of the system, so we use our expertise to continuously solve the most practical needs of the global paper mills and win their trust.

Xử lý và gói giấy cuộn

1 Paper Rolls Sorting Deck and Stopper

2 Turntable and V shaped slat Conveyor

3 Kicker

4 Code Spray

5 PET Strapping

6 Upender

7 Upending Elevator

8 Vertical Elevator

9 Stretch wrapping Axial

10 Standing rolls conveyor

11 Kraft paper wrapping


A typical video to show our solutions in paper rolls handling and wrapping system